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Hey guys I know this thread is dead but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the get well wishes and prayers.

The Doctors Diagnosed that it was a stroke brought about by what was called necrosis. As many of you know I had cancer when I was young part of my treatment was radiation on my brain. this made my blood vessels weak and I had a brain bleed.

Currently I am doing much better almost normal. I didnt have to drop out of the MBA program I was in because I was able to get there on a cane. I now have full movement in my leg and arm now but the are still weak but i can build that back up with working out. My arm still catches a little when i try to extend real fast and my hand is still not 100% also my ankle still cant move up and down like normal but all that is getting better all the time. I am walking with a brace that assists my ankle but no cane and should be driving again soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and wishes it was scary there for a while when I had 3 doctors telling me 3 differnt things and one even still insisted it was a tumor even when a board of experts on tumors said it was not and he never said he was wrong. It was the brain surgeon that originally operated on me (Dr Nazar) when I had cancer as a child that knew what it was from day 1. Knowing I had people pulling for me helped.

I still am not completely recovered but I feel i am in the final stretch then after that its back to working out to get stronger.

Thanks again


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