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Originally Posted by rul3z View Post
Still the humble family guy, but its clear that he:
1- Doesn't respect Cain and Overeem
2- He is trying to get under Cain's skin (I think its hard to do, due to Cain's personality!!!)
He's not really a family guy anymore, dude just got divorced from his wife of 10 years and the wife has kids custody. Not to blame or dislike him for it, but he's not fighting for a family anymore but himself, the motivations are different.

Saying he can easily beat up boxing legends in a sport he has never attempted at a professional level, and that Cain hits like a girl is not humble. Compare it to after he first fought Cain, after the fight he admitted how he was afraid and nervous about facing Cain and what a tough competitor he was. I can see why he wouldn't like Overeem for cheating but Cain has shown him nothing but respect.

Yes he's doing it to get inside Cain's head. Yes it's still a cheap move. I don't get people who try to justify cheap tactics by pointing to a selfish reason for it as if that suddenly makes it ok. It's like saying "yeah, the dude robbed a bank ... but before you dislike him, hear me out ... he only did it for the money!". No way! He did it for the money? how does that make it better? How does talking trash get better if you're doing it to get a psychological edge? It's still lame.

If you're a humble guy you don't try to toss cheap and clearly untrue insults at your opponent, you stay classy and beat them regardless. Like GSP, Cain, Aldo, even Jones (yes he thinks highly of himself but doesn't talk trash about his opponents), or the old JDS. For me the most that's fine is like light humor like Weidman did, anything more than that is lame.

I don't get why these guys do it either, it almost never works and almost always backfires. Sonnen, Diaz, Ortiz, Shamrock, all classic examples. The trash talkers always get their asses handed to them when it actually comes to showtime so I don't get this idea of "he got in his opponent's head". No, he just got in his own head and doubled the pressure on himself to back his talk up.
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