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JDS has a punchers chance in their third fight. But it is the only way he wins.

Absent a knockout by JDS, he loses the tiebreak in much the same way he lost their second fight – by being outworked by a more rounded and capable fighter.

It is a pity that the so-called "genuine" fighters can get away with spouting such nonsense without causing an uproar; but if Jon Jones sneezes and doesn't use a handkerchief he’s labeled a hypocrite and a fraud and half the internet are baying for his head.

Time to finally realize that UFC fighters are athletes that are paid to fight and hurt each other; and I am fine with that. I don’t care if they boil baby bunnies in their spare time as long as they perform in the cage. But if JDS really thinks that Cain hits like a girl why the hell did JDS get the crap beat out of him? Can you imagine what a heavyweight that can actually punch would do to JDS? (For those of you don’t recognize it when you read it, that last sentence is an example of sarcasm).
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