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Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
The fighter is traveling on the company's dime, and promoting for the company and their brand. You may not be bothered by what the fighters are currently wearing, but if the owner is looking to set a certain look or tone, he is well within his right to do so.

When ever you fly on a commercial flight on the behalf of the military, you are required to wear your dress blues. Would anyone else in that airport or airplane care if you wore sweatpants instead? No, they probably wouldn't. Doesn't matter, the military as decided when you fly on their time, you are going to look professional while doing so.

These aren't laws, these are rules... if the fighters honestly can't live with them, they can always quit.

At my job, dress code is pretty relaxed. However, if the VP showed up tomorrow and told us all business casual or business attire, well... I guess I better dust those slacks off or my resume... my choice.
No one's saying it's not the employer's right, if you think that's what I have implied here we are having a serious breakdown in communication. I'm asking for a *reason*. "Because he's trying to set a look or tone" is a sort of reason I suppose, but it makes no sense to me. No one is going to be mistaking them for business execs. These are guys who do their jobs wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and half the time looking like horror film victims.

I feel like your argument is boiling down to "cuz the UFC said so", but I already addressed the topic of arbitrary rules. Yes, they can institute them. Yes I still have a right to voice an opinion, and if I can't see a good reason for them. it's probably not going to be a positive one.

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