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Originally Posted by Boxing>MMA
Do you really think Gabe Ruediger will never get a license again, because of his mental state; be realistic.
The CSAC is one thing and the UFC is another. Dana White made it very clear, he ****ed up and no MMA fan wants to see him fight period.

Regarding the CSAC. Yes I realistically think he won't get a liscence to fight in California for atleast a couple of years. Re-watching his antics on the show and how wacko it is here in California, no I don't think he'll get a liscence in quite a while.

Originally Posted by Boxing>MMA
Gabe will get another state to give him a license to fight just will have to go to a psychologist to get reevaluated.
Maybe, maybe not. But Dana White isn't gonna hire him because one SAC won't give him a liscence otherwise he is in danger of having that right to fight in California removed. If anything, Gabe Ruedeger will continue doing smaller shows, and sometime down the line do the UFC. I'll bet it'll be a while though.

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