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Originally Posted by GDPofDRB View Post
shut up with that. he hung with some supposed douchbags and ran his mouth saying something stupid, now people are pointing out how stupid they think it is. It doesn't take an internet tough guy to observe and comment on stupidity which is what just about everyone is doing.
Whatever you say, you total badass.

Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Yeah lets take page out of Canadian Psychos book and not share our opinion regarding a fighters public statement so god forbid we dont look like tough guy chumps who wouldnt dare challenge the friendly neighborhood mailman. You have never after all said something negative about a fighter who you thought said something stupid. No... not you....

And if by whatever reason you slipped up and did say something negative about a fighter. Well thats probably just because you are so tough you would kick his candy ass.

*Bad Canadian Psycho!! Bad*
There's a difference between saying, 'that's a silly comment' and getting as riled up as some people are. There are people in this very thread claiming that JDS has changed since wearing the belt, that he's not a family man because his marriage didn't work out, etc. Bringing up JDS's marriage and personal life goes far beyond simply pointing out that his comments were silly (and I happen to agree that they were). If you can't see the difference, that's not my problem.

Though it shows just how insecure most forum goers are when they're so easily offended and ready to pounce on anyone who dares question their manhood. I got the reaction I expected
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