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Why can't they create a MMO that is RPG but is basically a bunch of games combined. Think SkyrimXGTA (you can switch between first and third person) but when you get in a car it's like you're playing Forza Horizon, if you drive to the gym you can do boxing or MMA sparring and have it as good as if you're playing Fight Night or UFC. If you want to drive to a Basketball court you can go and play a pickup game with dudes that are online. You can become whatever you like, if you want to go through the ranks in sports, cool. If you want to become a city planner it can be a bit like Tropico. If you want to be a hairdresser that skins your customers and trades the carcusses to Zambian Witchdoctors for magical powers then so be it.

I dunno, I feel like that would be a lot of fun but it would have to be incredibly deep.

You should be able to drive to an airport, hijack a plane (must be very difficult), and fly to another continent and the map should be based on google maps. If you want to be a scientist you should be able to develop new technology that you can then use in the game.

Also we need a Dinosaur game, like a new Turok that is open world. Or we could just have a Jurassic Park expansion on the game I am explaining.

You can enter the Military, the Police, become a rock star (guitar hero steez) but at the end of the day every action has a reaction.

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