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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Over-rated - Here....HA, no really in a year where we've had four people get title shots coming off loses (Edgar, Tate, Sonnen, Diaz) this Weidman backlash is downright embarrassing. He's coming off a's Anderson. He's not going to beat Silva oh he's not going to defeat the greatest of all time...clearly he's a bum. It's to soon, theirs like three LHW champions in the wings prepping for Anderson right now, and you have Vitor who's earned a rematch.

Now the second question, will he beat Anderson Silva....probably not, but he's got a better shot than the last guys that fought for the HW, LHW, and WW titles. The measure of a contender shouldn't be "can he beat Anderson Silva" because realistically who in that division can. The measure is he the best man for the job, he is the number one contender for the title.
The problem is fanboyism effects far too many peoples head. Some complained when Bigfoot and Sonnen got the title shots. Not nearly as many as Weidman. When you hold someone up as an unbeatable god, a lot of people will bitch.

If I remember correctly, people spoke about Sonnen before the first fight even worse than Weidman. Some just don't learn I guess.


Yes I am a Silva fan. Yes Silva will probably win. The amount of discredit Weidman gets on here is hilarious though.

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