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As others have made mention to, Chris isn't a bad fighter. The guy has skills, he's just never seen anything like Anderson.

He keeps telling Anderson to not under estimate him... but I think anyone who walks into the cage with Anderson can't truly appreciate his skill level until they're there in the moment. It's hard to comprehend under estimating Silva....cuz GOAT... but I just don't think people get it until they're there.

I think Chael woke Silva up.... Chael was the first guy in a long time who had zero respect for Anderson's skills. I think Anderson was coasting and he needed that wake up call. He seems to be fighting with that killer instinct again.

I think nerves will play a huge roll in this as well. Chris has been out of the cage for a year and upon his return, he's making a serious jump in competition and for a world title.

Anderson has been here before, he's not seeing anything new here.
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