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Originally Posted by dvonfunk View Post
I appreciate the sentiment, and in a perfect fight world, that's the way it always would be. Unfortunately, that's not always the case in the UFC. In fact, often times that's not the case. It's a business. The best fighters aren't always going to fight the best fighters, and us fans aren't always going to agree with the fights that are made. I think we can all agree that more often than not, the UFC gets it right. So you can argue whether Sanchez-Melendez "makes sense" until the cows come home, but in the end- barring injury- it's going to happen.

Looking at this fight from a different angle, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the UFC execs see this fight as a tool to further market its product to the Latin American fanbase? As far as I'm aware, a date and location for the fight has yet to be announced. However, it wouldn't surprise me if it took place somewhere with a large Latin American population. Remember, it's a business. Just something to consider.
You missed my point. I am not one of these delusioned fans crying about who is getting title shots and talking about a legit sport. I as much as anyone realize it is a business.

But I was making a point in that the UFC has brainwashed their fans, to back them no matter what. Some fans love the whole "build up" angle. Rather than rooting for the best fights to happen, they are rooting for the UFC to make the most money (for some odd reason). They are happy with build up fights to prop up some fighters. They don't want 2 up coming fighters matched up because "someone will lose". Too caught up in Ws and Ls. And lost a love for just great fights.

Any hardcore fan doesn't need a prop up fight for Melendez to realize he is one of the best LWs in the world, if not the best. I don't care about wasted fights like Sanchez/Melendez. They are using Sanchez for his name. Just as they did Fitch or Tito or Cro Cop. I'd rather see Melendez/Thomson again or Melendez/Maynard. Because I am a fan of good fights. Beating Sanchez doesn't tell me Melendez is all of a sudden ready to unseat Bendo. His fight against Bendo tells me that. I want to see if he can put on a clinic vs. a top LW. A win like that would get me excited. Not some token fight like Sanchez/Melendez. Hell Melendez/Pettis for a shot at the title would be a great fight to make. Instead we get watered down fights like "The Nightmare" Or "the dream" who hasn't even fought at LW since 2009.
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