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Originally Posted by JASONJRF View Post
It seems like people are mistaking over rated and earning a title shot as being the same thing. I think some people on here are over rating him but yes at the same time as I think he is being over rated he still has earned a title shot.

I dont think his hype is warranted. However the first two times I saw jones fight I knew his hype was warrented. I just had a feeling he would be a dominant champ after the Hammil fight. I dont get that feeling from wiedman
1. I have difficulty valuing this anti-weidman position especially when it appears that many of you can't even spell his and other fighters names correctly.

2. Logically how do positions like this even make sense? He's earned his title shot he's one of the top middleweights in the world and now he gets the chance to prove if he's the best. I mean are people like you arguing that he isn't even one of the five best middleweights in the world, because generally speaking top five is where title contenders come from.
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