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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Graphics are good on PS3/360, but if you look at some of the starter games on PS4/Xbox One you can see a very clear difference, they look like high end PC games right out of the gate and better than anything shown this gen. Considering the fact that it takes a few years for developers to fully get the hang of the hardware (look at 1st year PS3/Xbox 360 games to what is produced now, it's a drastic difference), you can imagine how ridiculous it will be a few years from now.

I agree, though, the leap from PS3 to PS4 will not be as close to what it was from PS2 to PS3 and people are so used to HD that it's mostly just about the games rather than graphics for next gen.

I'd lie if I said the graphics on FF15/Infamous/The Division etc didn't turn my inner nerd on, though.
The graphics are definitely better i never said they wernt. I only meant that great graphics have been around for a long time now and seeing them get a bit better isnt all that astounding. Especially since iv seen games on the PC match the graphics and or better. Include the fact that alot of the footage shown has been none gameplay footage to me makes the graphics even less impressive.

Really the graphics gave you a nerd boner??? Graphics was by far the thing i cared about the least. For a long time now graphics are great and unless there comes a drastic difference i wont be all that excited about them. Im more interested in gameplay.

Though i do enjoy when RTS games and such show great graphics. But those i play on my PC.

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