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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I know you didn't say they weren't.

All the games I mentioned showed full gameplay and all looked as good as any high end PC game you can find, if not better. Really good stuff.

What's wrong with being excited over graphics? Graphics in movies/animation/video games are always exciting when you see the "next generation" of them. I don't understand the "hate" that graphics get in games (not saying you are hating). There are some phenomenal looking games that have fantastic gameplay in them, and there are some awful looking games that have horrible gameplay. Graphics don't mean bad gameplay, just bad games vs. good games.

You are right that gameplay > Graphics, as I said a few pages back I quit The Last of Us cause of the bad gameplay, but the graphics were pretty great for such old hardware. If a game doesn't play well then it's not a good game, regardless of how it looks, but if it looks gorgeous then that's a huge bonus.
You keep insinuating i said things and then acting like you didnt insinuate it.

I never said there is something wrong with being excited about graphics. And all the games you are talking about iv also seen and i wasnt impressed nor excited over the graphics.

Its fine if you were... it really isnt a big deal to me. Im not sure what you are getting so defensive about tbh.

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