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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
You keep insinuating i said things and then acting like you didnt insinuate it.

I never said there is something wrong with being excited about graphics. And all the games you are talking about iv also seen and i wasnt impressed nor excited over the graphics.

Its fine if you were... it really isnt a big deal to me. Im not sure what you are getting so defensive about tbh.
You asked me this - Really the graphics gave you a nerd boner??? Graphics was by far the thing i cared about the least.

You asked me why graphics gave me a "nerd boner", and then made a statement saying that they are the least thing you cared about. To answer your question I said what is wrong with caring about good graphics and then explained it. I never insinuated anything.

If you meant something different by your question then try to explain it better, the way you typed it makes it look like you are asking why I got excited for the next gen graphics, to which I said "what is wrong with getting excited over them?".

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
What are we comparing the graphics to? Have we seen a next gen game on PC yet? If not, it wouldn't be surprising that a next gen game with an updated (or new) engine on console would look better than a PC game that is outdated now.
PC games will always look better than consoles with diminishing returns, as tech can only go so far. Right now a few next gen games shown off at E3 looked better than any game I've ever seen on a PC by today's standard. That will change eventually with PC having better all around hardware as years go on where consoles stay the same.

I was just pointing out that the jump from PS3 to PS4 is actually pretty nice, it's better than any high end PC game out there right now so the jump is pretty good and exciting and the graphics are nice enough for console only gamers to be perfectly happy with the leap.

edit - FF13 is going well. A few frustrating fights though. Like those red bombs, you can't stun them fast enough to kill them before they explode, it's annoying. But generally I like the story so far and the gameplay is fun.
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