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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
1. No not everyone has internet, and certainly not good internet. I pay $160 for my internet/cable a month, top end speed/quality, and my net still shuts down from time to time. There are people out there who can't afford monthly internet costs, they buy a console as a whole and then that's that, they have a gaming rig and no monthly fee to use it. There's a large portion of people this would have screwed, from people with bad internet to people who can't afford an extra monthly fee, to people who aren't in a situation where they can have it at all. More over, MS's excuse for "always online" was tablets and other devices that are "always online". Yet fail to realize that when my iPad loses internet connection, I still have accesss to all of my music, games, apps, and everything else for however long I want. That's the problem, not that internet beefs up the experience a lot, but that when my internet goes down my console turns into a brick. My iPad isn't a brick when my wifi loses signal, it's a fully functioning device that I can make full use of with everything I have on it. That's the real major problem with how it was going to be.

2. People like discs. I like owning my product. I don't like buying a game and then having that game shut down whenever MS decides they don't want to support the Xbox One anymore. I like a physical copy in my house/storage that I can play on my offline console anytime I want any day in the future. People don't want discs to go away, it means we own the product and we can play it anytime we want any day we want in the future (assuming the console doesn't require online... which goes with the first point).

3. What price would you be able to sell back for? To who? To what company? Anyone of my choosing? If I buy a brand new game at $60, play it for 3-4 days either finish it or don't like it, can I go sell it for $40-50 to someone as it's still a perfect conditioned new release? No, I highly doubt that. You'd be able to sell it back for $10-20 at best more than likely. What's wrong with selling your game for a good price in real?

4. This could have been interesting I agree. However this also meant you could not trade your games. I could not take my game, give to you, and say here you go buddy enjoy. Then when you are done give to my other friend and say here you go, enjoy as well. People borrow/trade used games constantly cause people can't afford $60 a pop for every new game, that's why game rentals/trading are needed not only in gaming but all markets from used cars to DVDs, people can't afford new.

Point being, all these features are not good features, they are not improvements or anything consumers generally want. If I buy a product I want to own that product, if I want to trade it or sell it wherever/whenever I want, let as many friends as I want to borrow it, shove it up my ass if I feel the need someday, I want the ability to do that 'cause it's my product, I bought it. The Xbox One shut all that out and stripped the consumer from any consumer rights they had of the product they purchased.

I think everyone can agree that digital only will be the future of not just gaming but movies and everything else as well. However, the system/structure must be done in a way that allows consumer freedom and ownership of their product, and that's why nobody was buying the Xbox One and they had to change, only a handful liked the way it was and they could see their sales in the toilet.

Probably too long a post on a discussion that's already been talked to death lol.
Also if you wanted to take your box to another place where you couldn't connect for whatever reason, the xbox would turn into a brick as well. What if you wanted to take it to a hotel you were staying at that didn't offer free internet? Looks like the xbox is done for there.

It isn't just random people complaining. It is literally everyone. Other than die hard MS fans. Every person I have talked to, even ones that are always xbox this xbox that, ran out of reasons to buy it other than... I am getting it because it is an xbox...
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