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Definitely backwards. Is MGS even out on PC? You can't compare it to a PC when its a different game. All I know if I have seen BF, COD, Skyrim, Fallout, Farcry 3, Bioshock, and many more that all looked better on the PC.
Yah i can that's kind of the whole argument because PC's will never have the rights to exclusive games like MGS witch had better graphics then any pc game,and that would be one example.And Skyrim and Bioshock are relatively new so while i was playing FF7 you were playing Pac man.

PC isn't playing catch up. The hardware available is already at new gen console if not better. It is pretty much common knowledge that PC's are superior when it comes to graphics and they can handle it at a much higher fps.
Just because SOME pc's are superior in SOME homes now does't mean that the games will have better graphics then an exclusive game that was made for a ps3. I over clocked the shit out of my PC and then Sony or Microsoft will make a game with BETTER graphics and then my PC with my High fps will be playing a shitty game.

The 360 launched 8 years ago. You really cant believe it took 8 years for PC's to have better hardware in them. New CPU's and GPU's are already being released.[/QUOTE]

did anyone say anything about hardware? like i said before
Pc games will always be behind console games

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