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Right now I am multitasking between 4 games right now. Lost Odyssey, Metro 2033, Persona 3, and Bayonetta.

Finding it hard to go back to Metro 2033 because of that checkpoint bullshit I went through the last time. I have to find a way to balance both my ammo and air filters. If I can do that I might stand a chance in this game.

Tried playing lost Odyssey today but didn't get far. Was out all day in the sun and the heat zapped all my energy. When I got to the game I couldn't stop yawning. I'll have to try tomorrow.

I kind of have a love hate relationship with Bayonetta right now. Gameplay is fun and the story is crazy. I'm playing a servant of hell that is trying to save the world from heaven's angels. Seems a bit backwards but their it is. Getting killed more often then I should. Maybe I'm not that good at platformers.

Persona 3 and 4 makes me wonder how I ever passed high school. I actually have to attend class and the teacher will constantly pick me to answer questions like what Ressentiment is? Other then that Persona is a fun game to play.

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