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Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Yah i can that's kind of the whole argument because PC's will never have the rights to exclusive games like MGS witch had better graphics then any pc game,and that would be one example.And Skyrim and Bioshock are relatively new so while i was playing FF7 you were playing Pac man.
What I am saying is that Skyrim and Bioshock are titles that were on both console and PC, and PC was definitely the better looking game. PC will always have more potential when it comes to how a game looks until companies make consoles upgradeable. PC has always had the better fps as well.

Just because SOME pc's are superior in SOME homes now does't mean that the games will have better graphics then an exclusive game that was made for a ps3. I over clocked the shit out of my PC and then Sony or Microsoft will make a game with BETTER graphics and then my PC with my High fps will be playing a shitty game.
If you bought a high end GPU, this would literally never happen. Gamer's PC's will surpass the potential of consoles, so it doesn't matter how good the graphics will get. My PC destroyed the 360/PS3 capabilities and it didn't take 8 years for that to become a possibility. It was shortly after the launch. So no matter how good the game was, the PC would always outperform the console, regardless of how good or bad it was doing.

If you are relying on your CPU speed and neglecting the GPU, then that's the problem.

did anyone say anything about hardware? like i said before .
When you are talking about how games look, at he end of the day, it comes down to what kind of hardware is in your box.

Sure, the exclusives are fun and look really good. But that doesn't put PC behind when every single game that is made for both looks better on PC.

For the record, I don't knock console gaming. I was a console gamer for most of my gaming life and I still buy and play consoles along with my PC, but I don't kid myself by thinking the PC is always trailing behind console. It simply isn't the case.
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