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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
You asked me this - Really the graphics gave you a nerd boner??? Graphics was by far the thing i cared about the least.

You asked me why graphics gave me a "nerd boner", and then made a statement saying that they are the least thing you cared about. To answer your question I said what is wrong with caring about good graphics and then explained it. I never insinuated anything.
No i did not ask you WHY it gave you a nerd boner. You made a statement about how the graphics got the nerd in you excited and all i did was say "Really you got excited?? I didnt"

So no i did not ask you why you got excited and i did not say alot of other stuff you insinuated. I stopped reading there because it was well the same damn thing you did in your last 2 posts. So im not going to continue this pointless discussion with you.

Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Pc games will always be behind console games, Final Fantasy games and MGS series games always had better graphics then any PC game.And when PC games catch up to PS4 graphics they will just come out with a new console.
Wrong. PC games will never be behind Console games.

Im currently playing the FF14 beta for both PC and the Console and it looks 3x better on my computer then on my PS3. The PS3 version does not even let you increase the graphics or anything while on the PC you got settings that far supersede the PS3 settings.

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