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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post

If you are relying on your CPU speed and neglecting the GPU, then that's the problem.

When you are talking about how games look, at he end of the day, it comes down to what kind of hardware is in your box.

Sure, the exclusives are fun and look really good. But that doesn't put PC behind when every single game that is made for both looks better on PC.

For the record, I don't knock console gaming. I was a console gamer for most of my gaming life and I still buy and play consoles along with my PC, but I don't kid myself by thinking the PC is always trailing behind console. It simply isn't the case.
I don't think you realize that some Game Designers like Squareenix know how to get the full potential and is easier for them to make a game for a console.When the PS 3 came out with the cell chip technology and blue ray they said it would take 6 years to even come close to the full potential of a ps3.
If you are comparing catch up PC games will always be playing catch up to consoles,SOME games not ALL might look better then a PS 3 but that doesn't mean that a specific game will look better then an exclusive that was made for a ps3.

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