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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Well I will take the PC exclusives any day. The games that are exclusive to PC are some of the most popular games ever created. You can't talk exclusives when games like WoW,Starcraft LoL and Dota are some of the most played games to ever exist and you can't touch it if you only have a console. Sure they weren't made with exceptional graphics but years after buying them, they are still fresh where as most console exclusives are still the same old game it was years ago and most likely collecting dust.

PC gaming is what really put Esports on the map as well btw.

This isn't even a debate really. It's just facts. And no there is not one exclusive on the console that looks better than everything on PC. That is just not correct.

A console is nothing more than an extremely watered down, limited PC.

Well i thought we were talking about graphics so games like Resident Evil and FF games win all the awards, both btw not pc games.WoW and SC gameplay graphics are completely shit if you are comparing them to games like Metal Gear Solid.And if you want to compare CGI graphics then Squareenix will put any PC game to shit also.So when the ps 4 comes out PC once again like i stated previously will be playing catch up to games like The Division,Watchdogs etc...

oh and i would take a console exclusive any day on my 57 inch 1080 p

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