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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
Really! I would have said 13-2 was better then 13. 13-2 did some things that I liked. For one, its not a 60 hour hallway like 13. you can actually converse with the populace and you get more dialogue options. I did like the idea of jumping to other alternate timelines. I'll admit something right here. I consider 13-2 to be a guilty pleasure. I didn't outright hate it. I think the one thing that really got me was the story itself. Spoilers ahead do not click it if you don't want to know.

Maybe someone can explain it to me how this makes sense.
I didn't click the spoiler for obvious reasons but I'm glad to hear someone liked it better.

I will ask though, can you explain to me how the ending/dlc works? Basically, what DLC do I need to get the cannon ending, and could I simply wikipedia the DLC to get the information I need to jump into Lighting Returns?
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