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Originally Posted by rbunnell
I think this will probably be the biggest fight ever in UFC. The only thing I don't understand is that states this fight will take place pending Ortiz beating Shamrock. What does that fight have to do with this one. Anyway, I heard that Shamrock is wearing a football helmet for the Oct. 10th fight so my money is on Shamrock.
Why would this be the biggest fight ever in the UFC?

For one, no rematch would EVER be the biggest fight in the UFC, especially a rematch where the fight before was completely dominated by one person.

Tito hasent really done anything to earn this he pounded on Shamrock once again, big deal. Won a very controversial fight to an above average fighter, and is going to beat on poor old Shamrock again for the third time. I mean I whole heartly believe the LHW division in the UFC is the weakest with only a few dominant fighters, but they could have worked out something else.

Ortiz has been, and will always be overmatched by Liddell...Titos main objective during fights is to get the takedown and utilize ground n pound...exactly what Chuck hopes for. I can see this fight ending in the first round by Chuck catching Tito with an uppercut after he sprawls a takedown.

This will probably be a forgetable end of the year main event that will be remembered as the day Tito Ortiz was once again laid out by Chuck.

I'm just sick of one sided rematches. Which is why UFC 64 is going to be the PPV of the year, and will have the fight of the year.
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