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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Go on the treadmil with your crutches or whatever you use... it'll get a laugh out of her, and thats the best ice breaker.
Sound advice. Playing the pity card usually works.

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post

Another topic for everyone as well. Is it weird if you're in a happy relationship yet are still somewhat jealous when you see someone you've known a long time is in a relationship?

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It's quite normal. It's either brotherly/fatherly instincts
where you want to protect them or flat out you have feelings for em. Girls feel the same way for sure. In fact I find that if you're rolling out with girls...almost 99% of the times other hot girls will check you out.

Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
I haven't found a good woman to date for so ******* long... no joke. like years now... I'm nice and i'm not even ugly!
Fortune cookie says...You will save a damsel in distress with flying head the near future.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
The saying 'nice guys finish last' exists for a reason. Girls will tell you that they don't enjoy being treated like crap, but go out and actually give it a try. Guaranteed panty dropper.

Treat her as though she doesn't exist, and she'll want you. Tone down the attitude when you finally do get together (but don't go full nice guy... you never go full nice guy), and she'll want to stay with you. It's an art form, gentlemen, but it works.
It is indeed an art.

Originally Posted by Sugar-Free_LizaG View Post
As I've found, some women want a woman but don't want to admit it to themselves.

People forget it's the 21st Century and people don't care about who's gay/bi/whatever!

I work in an office with a another female, we had a drunken encounter one night, and she texts me for a follow-up but accidentally sends it to Liz, the manager of Human Resources.

The office knows about it, they've seen her check me out, they've openly expressed to her that they support her if thats her orientation and will NOT judge her whatsoever. But she won't admit it to herself that she's gay, so overcompensates by dating losers who just use her. Then I get the sympathy-seeking texts asking me over.

And afterwards she just complains how she wishes it was easier for us to officially date, and then get the cold-shoulder for a few days. Then she likes me again.

Since I've come out of hospital she's been around EVERY day.
This thread is hilarious. I think we're all enjoying sharing stories. In the words of Ula, "do tell...details...details." 50 First Dates in case you don't know the reference.

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