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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
The saying 'nice guys finish last' exists for a reason. Girls will tell you that they don't enjoy being treated like crap, but go out and actually give it a try. Guaranteed panty dropper.

Treat her as though she doesn't exist, and she'll want you. Tone down the attitude when you finally do get together (but don't go full nice guy... you never go full nice guy), and she'll want to stay with you. It's an art form, gentlemen, but it works.
I can vouch for this. Got sick of getting walked on by woman when I was late teens/early twenties... got my heart broken by a girl . So I started not giving a shit about pvssy footing around woman and stareted being a bit of a dick at times.

The results really were quite amazing. Also found that being the one call off a relationship (rather than the one being dumped) is really empowering and I got a massive confidence boost from it.

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