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Originally Posted by EVERLOST View Post
Who cares? I mean why cant the guy just do what he wants? He has achieved alot and what makes everyone else think that his accomplishments are any less just because he does things his way. Thats right because people have nothing better to do then judge other people to make up for their own short comings lol This same conversation has been going on for years....and still people wont just shut up and get over it. None of his fights have sucked so why do you care? So many of the fans sit at home and drink beer and are over weight. They arent bitching that the fighters are in to good a shape are they? Just STFU and watch the fight.
lest we not fool ourselves with Hollywood triumph type of stories. This is real life. There have been 3 obese players in the NBA who started off with great acclaim, then as their career matured, it became apparent that late night parties, fast food abuse and strip club binge drinking nights took a toll on their career reaching the next level. Im not telling Roy how to live his life. Im just being honest. Look at Butterbean. Butterbean has all the KO power in the world, but gets his ass kicked by welterweights everytime he is in Japan. If you wanna look like a cartoon, face the consequences.
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