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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I might be done with FF13.

The one major flaw in this game is the enemies have too much damn health, like why does it take me 20 minutes to fight regular boss, why does it take me 2-3 minutes to get through a pack of normal enemies? I just can't stomach fighting one enemy way too much longer than I should be. I want to move on to the next chapter but after dying 3-4 times to this boss, 10-15 minutes into the fight, it just feels like a gigantic waste of my time.

edit - Yeah, done with it.

Made it to chapter 10, now full of enemies who were designed by a retard, who you either die to in the first 20 seconds or kill you off before you can react properly, depending on if you get lucky or not.

It's really too bad, the story is good, I don't mind the linear gameplay, the actual combat system itself is enjoyable, but I can no longer stand the 1,000,000 health enemies that take 20 minutes to kill or the cheap as hell enemies that are either too easy or too hard from one fight to another depending on how lucky you get. The worst enemy designs I've ever seen in a game.

I just got done playing Ni No Kuni a few months ago, that game is beautifully designed from the bosses to the world to the story to the gameplay, it really makes me want another game from those guys.

The last few games I have played have had really stupid gameplay decisions that ruin the whole experience.
Chapter 10...That's the chapter before you go to Grand Pulse. I think they said it was some training ground for L'Cie. Aside from the two bosses that you have to face the only enemies I remember having trouble with is a Berserker and a Behemoth King. Behomoth King sucks more because after you take away half his health the mother****er decides to stand up on two legs and regenerates his heath. His saw weapon kills me almost every time without much effort. I try to avoid him whenever I can.

Even though I haven't gotten far in Lost Odyssey I feel really sad for Kaim. Memory recollection scenes are powerful.

You forget that this isn't just some brutal sport where everyones out to kill each other. Its much more like a game of physical chess.-looney liam
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