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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Yet everyone still signs with them it's puzzling unless they really think they are gonna stay there forever and make a lot in bellator. I told gilbert smith on facebook not to sign with them recently because he would be in purgatory forever so luckily he listened and didn't.
He made the right move fighting in the Octagon. Perhaps you have a career in management.

Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Frakking Duopolies. Both the UFC and Bellator are equally shady. It's like Coke and Pepsi, McD and BK, Microsoft and Apple .. they both suck. The only decent third alternative in MMA right now seems to be WSOF, too early to tell though.
Heh...heh. Problem is, if the President (Ray Sefo) has to fight in a card to promote it that shows they need some talent.

Originally Posted by Spite View Post
I think he had it written into his contract that he had to stay if Bellator could match any potential contract.

So they matched his UFC offer, but of course just the financial side of it. He's arguing that the UFC is the better offer because of the exposure they bring, more sponsorship money, potential bonuses and possibility for an even better contract at some point down the line.

But legally he can't leave because Bellator have 'matched' the UFC's offer.
You pretty much nailed it there. Technically they did match it. Bellator/parent company can be cool about it or employ a hard line approach. Right now he's simply a proxy. That's why fighters' need top of the line management who aren't greedy. Sometimes when new fighters get their first big offer they're ready to sign away their careers.

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