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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
I would kill for a new turn-based RPG like square made back in the day. I remember thinking that with new mediums like Steam we might see a revival, but I haven't really looked into it. Anybody familiar with Steam know of any old-school RPGs worth checking out?
If you want probably the best JRPG this gen that plays very similar to old school rpg games (open world map, towns, villages, dungeons, side quests, 3 person party system, etc) then I would highly recommend Ni No Kuni. the battle system is different than the old FF games but it's pretty deep and unique, you'd have to look at it. It's quite honestly the best JRPG this entire generation outside of maybe Xenoblade Chronicles, and is probably my favorite PS3 exclusive game this gen.

The only thing that keeps people back from playing the game is the art style and the fact that you play as a 13 year old light hearted boy instead of a 17 year old emo teen. You just have to watch a trailer on it to see if you'd be okay with it or not. The game itself is brilliant.
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