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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Eh, I've no interest in debating when I'm just going to be told I'm 'stupid' and 'ignorant' for having a differing point of view. I will say this - even when I come right out and admit that Anderson is the greatest active fighter right now, despite my being a huge GSP fan, I still get BS because I consider him the best for alternative reasons. Only Anderson Silva fans, lol.
i know you are not talking about me, because you know I am a fair trader and also a GSP fan myself.

Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Jones has legit submitted TWO BJJ black belts with excellent creds (not fat dehydrated ones with illegal elbows either) and ragdolled NCAA div I wrestlers in addition to having great wrestling creds of hia own. Yes wrestling also comes under the umbrella of grappling, so jones' creds there count.

I did read what you said maybe you are sleepwriting and don't know what you wrote. You said you "LAUGH at those who DOUBT his grappling". Well I laugh at those who think his meager grappling will make him do great against any real grappler on the ground. Anderson would and has gotten straight up tooled by guys that managed to take him down, right from Takase all those years ago to Sonnen lately.

Jones on the other hand has fought top level strikers and still owned them on the feet. In addition to owning top level grapplers on the ground.
Yep. You failed twice now. Did not see you pointing exactly where I said Anderson is a great grappler and also didn't see which were the great grappling comps your "well rounded" almost submited by a broken hand short notice 185 over the hill Jones has competed.

OK, just say: "All right, you did no say that." and "Yeah, Jones never had any participation in any important grappling competition" and save your face. That's what I do. And often I have to save my face over here. Even this being an anonymous forum.
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