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Originally Posted by Crester View Post
Actually you make a good point. I respect for Anderson Silva straight up coming out and saying he thinks Jon Jones will beat him. Jones has a size and strength advantage... and has age on his side. And as Silva said... the only real advantage he has over Jones is experience. If Anderson Silva was to win the fight... he'd probably find some small hole created by a mistake Jones made and finish it. Otherwise Jones probably would win with his size and strength advantage.

I would gain a lot of respect for GSP... even if he didn't accept the "super fight" if he just came out and said he thinks Silva would beat him and that's why he's not looking forward to the fight.
I'd respect GSP a lot more as well if he just came out and said it rather than stringing people along and making excuses.

I like Silva's honesty here as it's simple - he's bigger, younger, has all the tools to beat him and as shown he can utilize those tools excellently against AAA fighters. Instead of stringing people along he's just like "look, he'd probably beat me and that's not something I'm interested in". At the very least we know he's wanting GSP more than Jones and he's honest about why that is.

It's very refreshing to hear.
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