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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Seems to be a varying opinion on exactly what kind of chances Chris has in this fights. Seems spread out to me. Obviously just by looking at the poll options there was no expectation of more people picking Chris to win the fight. But 40% give Chris atleast some real chance of winning compared to 60% that think it's pretty unlikely. That's a decent split right there.
Not wanting to get all nerdy on you, but...

40% of voters giving Chris 25% chance or more is not an even spread at all. If 40% of voters gave him a 50% chance or more, then you would have a point. But we are talking 25% - a one in 4 chance.

I'll accept its not as wonky as most Silva fights. Kinda looks like a similar spread to the Belfort fight, which funny enough was the last time Silvas opponent had odds under -300.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
I don't understand, clearly by looking at the options given the was no expectation of an equal amount of people picking Chris to win this fight. For the options given it is fairly spread out. Very easy to see.
Look at it this way, if it was even then you would see close to 20% next to each option. But you dont. The first two options have well over half the vote. Come on breh. Thats what those percentage numbers next to each option are for. And clearly they say this is a lop sided vote.

I cant believe im debating this rubbish. Kind of fun though... although, I swear, my knob is shrinking with every minute im involved. I might need to back away slowly and switch my brain back into silly-mode.
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