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Ok so I was playing LA Noire and loving it, totally engrossed in the story, totally engrossed in Phelps' character as like a righteous preserver of justice and model detective.

Get to this case where SPOILERS

The husband pretty obviously kills his wife, yet the game makes you charge some pedophile just because he's a pedophile. There's no real hard evidence linking him to the murder, and hard evidence towards the me, not being a disgusting swine convict the husband and the captain berates me then the game goes "You just left a kid orphaned and a child predator on the streets! Good job! ^_^b" and gives me 2 stars because apparently you are supposed to falsely imprison people for murder because they spy on children.

Secondly, you can't convict people of murder if they have families and shit! No way!

Even in video games pigs gonna pig.

I turned my game off on that I'm not sure if I can get back into this game, the whole narrative is ruined, the protagonist is pretty much ruined for me, and I only see this getting worse.

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