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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Sure I guess he has. But the fight would HAVE to be in Brazil since Vitor is part of the TRT club. And wouldn't look nearly as good without it in the States.
This is true, and they should either come right out and say it, or say nothing at all. Dana can't say it's a tough sell because Anderson blitzed him. For starters, Vitor has looked a complete killer since losing to Silva, especially in his last two fights. He looks nothing like the hesitant Vitor who fought Anderson.

Second, the UFC gave Cain a second shot after getting KOed in under a minute and beating Bigfoot of all people. For White to say it's because Vitor ate a front kick is downright foolish. If it's the TRT thing, come up with a better excuse for the press.

My point was that Vitor has earned it. Whether he should get another shot is of course debatable, but there's little question of whether he's earned it. People who constantly call for him to fight 'one more guy' need to bugger off.
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