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Originally Posted by You Are a Clown
the new fight between chuck and tito will be a lot different i dont know why people think it will turn out the same tito has a much better chance at beating chuck now that its for the title because of the 5 rounds instead of 3... we all know tito has some of the best conditioning in mma and the 5 rounds gives him a clear advantage rather than the 3.. if hes able to stand a lil with chuck wear him out get it to the 3rd and 4th rounds he will have a much easier time... just pull off the same thing courture did the first time he faced chuck and it will be a great fight that i can see tito winning
Five round advantage. He didn't get past 2 the last time. The last fight could've been 100 rounds. He can't just stand there and take chuck's kicks and punched and hopefully make a 4 or five rounder out of it. You have to keep chuck working to beat him. The only people to beat him did that. Randy kept him on the defensive side and kept him on the ground to win. The sam as rampage.
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