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Originally Posted by IMPALED 666
HAHAHA Halo2 HAHAHAHA thats the lamest game ive seen, you aint even a real gamer, buy a PS3 go online and I show you how to play

How would you define a real gamer mate?

Someone who has the latest next generation hardware for their gaming needs?

Oh wait you dont have that.....

The PS3 is by far the most technologically advanced piece of gaming hardware but this doesn't always mean its the best... The Wii before launch was described by videogaming pundits as: a complete joke.. however it's outselling the ps3 and 360.. I dont own a Wii, i own a 360..
but what i'm saying is: you can have a car that travels at 240mph that costs $100,000.
and a car that travels at 200mph that costs $30,000..
And a car that travels at 10mph that costs $12

And most of the population end up driving in the $10 car, and Enjoy it.

The PS3 is an overpriced george foreman that is basically only there for one reason only my friend:

So sony can sell a cheap blu-ray player (overs cost $800-$1000) for the masses to buy, and when they start releasing all their films on blu-ray, they'll start to make money off the Ps3...

But not if Microsoft has their way as they are backing HD-DVD at the moment, difference is, if hd-dvd flops.... you can always go out and buy a plugin blue ray player that plugs straight into your 360.

Most decent titles that are on the ps3 came out on the xbox 360 over a year ago now.

Real gamers buy a 360.... grilled bacon and sausage lovers buy george foremans.

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