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He is the way I see it

one TKD is the most americanized style because of the war (a little history for ya). So you wont have any problem finding a teacher.

Two TKD can be experienced differently depending on the teacher. Some TKD teachers are really hardcore teachers That can turn you into a monster. But then there are those that teach it as a sport. For instance My dad is a brown belt in TKD and he had a real kick ass instructor but a nice guy outside of class.

The best story he ever told about his instructor. One of the former students Went to take Bjj but when he went there the bjj instructor was a big headed ass hole and beat up the student. When my dads instructor heard about this he was furious. My dads instructor went the dojo and talked to him.
He said " I hear you claim that you can catch any TKD kick." The Bjj instructor said "Thats right." My dads in structor said " Catch mine!" He kicked the bjj instructor clear across the room right in front of his class The left.

Three TKD will have get you in shape and make you more flexable quicker because it takes alot to continue to throw high kicks in combinations like that instead of just low kicks and punches.

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