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Originally Posted by MMA freak
I don't understand why he would swim closer to a poisonous stingray. I would never swim near something like that especially if I saw it and just wanted attention. Not a good job to have thats for sure.
He was filming a show, that's why he was out there swiming in the midst of all the 'creatures'... that's his job, or was his job rather. Most, I won't say all because I'm no expert, but most animals won't harm you at all unless they feel threatened by your presence, in which this case the stingray felt threatened and raised its barb. It was a freak thing that happened because even though stingrays are poisonous they aren't fatal, usually. It all depends on how they sting you. In this case the barb went into his chest and pierced his heart, releasing the venom directly into his heart causing him to go into cardiac arrest. I personally admired the man for his work, and his passion for it too... he loved what he did and it showed. I grew up around alligators, crocs, all sorts of 'vicious' creatures. Once an alligator had taken residence underneath my car. I didn't notice it until I went to unlock the door and the buggar swung its tail and startled me. I didn't attempt to get into the car because I knew that if I had and started the engine, not only would it have possibly hurt the alligator but it would have caused the alligator to go into "attack mode." I just walked back inside the house, called my friend and told her to come and pick me up because my car was being held hostage by a gator. It ended up moving on to who knows where after about a day but I'll never forget that dumb gator. You just have to know how to react around them is all. Once in the ocean, granted I was only waist deep out there... there were 3 stingrays swimming around me... and those suckers were about 3 feet wide from side to side. All I did was walk back into shore... that's it. As long as you don't attempt to touch an animal that's not familiar with you or make them feel threatened, they won't harm you.

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