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ok,#1 i cant see anyone being able to DOMINATE Matt Hughes within at least the next year. #2 I understand the loss that BJ had against GSP, very good fight GSP did win but BJ hung in there, I think that BJ is a very good match up for Matt, as Lso GSP is an will be next year! Matt has appeared to get alot smarter and is not looking to end the fight in the first round. We will see how good BJ has been working on cardio. this fight i think is going to be 4 rounds, by then Matt would have worked BJ standing and on the ground and then round 4 KO complments of Matt Hughes THE WELTER WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! I am not in the least saying BJ is not a good fighter, i just think that he can not beat Matt Hughes at this time. I think GSP would be a better match up until he pulled his FIZZLE STRING.Matt is and has been at the top of his game for a while now and i cant see him going anywhere anytime soon.

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