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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
GSP is a joke. He doesn't even fully commit to the back flips he does after he wins man. Rankings are based on popular opinion, if we can all agree GSP sucks donkey balls then he'll be out of the picture. Then we can just forget he even exists like the FlyW and BW divisions.
Hahha...that was the funniest thing I've ever heard. It's funny cuz it's true.

I'd say it gave Weidman confidence more than anything and perhaps made Anderson doubt himself or try even harder to make a fool out of Weidman. Statistically a fighter should not be able to do that every fight and get away with it. Anderson perfected it, but there are always abberations.

Now I'm very curious to see the landscape of the division and what his next move will be.

Sadly for Weidman I will have to root against him x 3.

How crazy will it be if Hendricks pulls off the upset on GSP now and Anderson calls it...haha.

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