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I think this recent fight absolutely screws the P4P rankings up. After GSPs last performance against Nick Diaz, I'm sorry but there's no way I'm putting him at p4p #1. Silva losing to Weidman still doesn't denote all that he's done in the sport and everything he's accomplished. So does Weidman become #1? Surely Weidman has to be put on the P4P list now, being that he just be the King, hence, meaning that he's better. Otherwise, Weidman wouldn't be given his due credit.

This also brings up the question, is P4P rankings about who is the most dominant relative to their weight class, or who has accomplished the most in their career relative to their weight class?

Let's just say this loss drops Silva to #3, and puts Jones and GSP at the top two positions. GSP and Jones' last opponents have something in common in that they both fought guys who came off of losses. GSP won a decisive but not dominant 5 rd decision, whereas Jones beat his opponent at his own game and took care of him in the first rd. So Jones was more dominant, however Jones' more dominant victory is denoted by the fact that his opponent came from a lower weight class, and has no wins in the 205 lbs division in the UFC. Does this denote Jones' victory so much that GSP's victory was worth more for his P4P status than Jones'?

...the more champions lose, the more screwed up and pointless the P4P rankings become. Therefore, my P4P king is Julian Lane (end of discussion).

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