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Originally Posted by khell
i went to three different karate schools. all we did was learn how to throw kicks in the air. did forms. then we would put on pads and spar. you guys actually did drills like you see in boxing and kick boxing? example would be you put on head gear in boxing /kick boxing and you practice just letting youre partner throw punches and kicks and you just practice dodging parying and timing the punches and kicks being thrown at you , and then adding countering drills where youre partner throws a kick or punch and you practice just countering the kick or punch etc.then as you get that drill you start doing it with random timing where i throw a right or a left and you dont know which one im going to throw or when ,you parry or block then throw a counter i mean where youre partner is throwing randomly and you are getting hit at first and then as you get the feel for his timing you start feeling when he is gonna throw a punch or kick and you are able to counter for real. not just i throw a kick and this is how you block it. i mean breaking each range and offence and defence and timing into small pieces and drilling each small chunk and then slowly adding them all together. ive never seen this at karate schools, ive only seen this at kickboxing and boxing schools
the drills you describe, and variations of them, make up a significant portion of our tkd classes. of course we still do forms, static blocking & punching drills etc. and we point spar or continuous spar once a week. but we do lots & lots of the boxing type drills you mentioned. it's fun and i get a great workout but damn those kids hit hard!
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