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This is not a troll thread. It's a fairly well thought out statement which I felt as well. Most just wanted to see Anderson get KTFO which it happened. But I saw exactly what the OP stated. This is what Anderson always does. He lures them into his game. For the first time it backfired end of story. Add to that Weidman's pre mindset, training, and you have what happened.

Look at GSP's statement. I also thought if Weidman pulled off the victory it would have been via GNP or submission. Anyone who says otherwise is trolling.

Weidman just got here. He's got many years to go. For me it's not about sour grapes. Deep down I knew it was a matter of time. I honestly thought Vitor or even Chael could have done it even though I bet money on Anderson. This fight was one of the only ones where I did'nt bet real money. I felt uneasy. Blame it on MMA-sport with that damn Mastermind video...lolz!

Anyways...fantastic win from Weidman. He for all of us fans, but hey as Rogan said..."Anderson redlined it and pushed it to the limits having an extroadinary amount of pressure on his shoulders all these years."

He's free now. "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."

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