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This thread fails.

Munoz got owned, Silva got owned.

But Munoz would win a rematch because he just decisioned Tim Boetsch and Anderson would win because Anderson wanted to lose oh I'm sorry "didn't care to win" my bad. I'm not very good with technicalities.

But it doesn't end there because Weidman of course sucks and would lose to everyone in the division including the 10 guys he already smashed without breaking a sweat, and every fringe top 10 like Bisping that hasn't ever beaten a cusp top 5 and Vitor Belfort who gets taken down and broken by every half a wrestler he faces. Actually he would even badly lose to blown up welterweights and mighty mouse and that one guy from the bar who has some tough lookin tattoos. Because clearly Weidman sucks and all ten fights he fought and won were fixed, in reality he lost them all.

Do people even watch fights or just make random opinions up and slap them on the internet?

Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
Weidman won't be champion for long, I think Silva and Vitor would both viciously finish him if they fought again. Weidman does look scared when he fights, he doesn't look like a vicious champion to me.
Again do you even watch fights? He was the first guy to just walk through Anderson Silva's taunting without a second thought and bounce his head off the ground like a basketball. Against Munoz people were worried he might have murdered him, so stupidly late, bloody and brutal was the stoppage. But never mind Chris is totally scared.
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