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I was thinking about this fight at work before I got into a confrontation with a skunk. I know bad joke...but it's true. Skunk jumped out of nowhere and hissed at me so I threw a garbage bag at it then it proceeded to spray me...minutes later I run into another which I proceeded to throw an orange cone at, then a third later. Lesson learned do not provoke skunks.

Anyways, felt really bad for his homie there. It looks like Falcao was already down so it was only him battling the rest of em...that's why they beat em up so bad afterwards out of adrenaline and frustration. Punches were one thing, but kicking em after then another. Fight should have been over once they got KOed. The fact they followed up like that means some serious payback even though it was Falcao that instigated the whole thing.

I'ma lay it out like this. Those guys will be dead or put in comas themselves by the end of the year. Therefore they'd be wise to get out of dodge cuz they're on candid camera.

I think Falcao is crazy enough to do it too knowing full well he put his own life and worse his friend's life in peril. The correct play would have been to call for back up and wait for them to arrive while inside.

Otherwise before the brawl went outside proceed by grabbing a squeegee or anything useful inside the gas station like a Sobe bottle. Hell I would have filled up two hot coffees and eliminate one or two right off the bat. They would never have arrived in time, but they would be able to search for them. When shit like that happens rest assured those guys will be bragging about it to their friends. Girls would be texting their girlfriends and mutual friends of Falcao/Mena will hear it eventually through the grapevine finding out the exact peeps. Then they'll be hunted down. It's the way it works. It's a point of no return. They should have just let it go after the KO. Karma swings both ways.

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