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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Actually this could be an exhibition match...and we all know Diaz is crazy enough to do it.

Anderson probably will disregard his kicks and both would just utilize boxing and go a full five rounds. Only danger is if Anderson decides to play around in the guard and gets submitted...unlikely, but it can happen.

Otherwise if Anderson utilized his muay thai...he would chop his legs worse than Aldo vs Faber. Anderson is far taller than Aldo thus his kicks are that much more powerful if he decided to go with that fully.

Everyone to Twitter now! What a fun matchup!
Fighting someone you have no business fighting, who is infinitely more talented than you, and you have no chance of hurting isn't crazy, its stupid. Diaz isn't crazy like hes some fight hungry tough guy, hes just a moron. Diaz gets run through in the first round. Unless Anderson plays fool again and just taunts.

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