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Originally Posted by SimiusDei View Post
Left me preface this by saying I am a HUGE Anderson Silva mark....well, maybe not quite huge right now, due to his shenanigans. However, I am basing this solely on what I saw out of Weidman in the f. ht...

In round 1, Weidman looked like he had a pretty big head of steam and his confidence was jacked. As a result, he tossed AS on his ass and landed some pretty solid shots. However, after AS started clowning him, I saw a change in CW's eyes that kind of said, "holy hell, I DON'T got this..", and his spirit seemed to break as he let AS pull him into the striking game. This continued pretty much through to the end of the fight. Of course, I understand that Weidman knows AS is a counter puncher and that trading blows with him isn't the way to go, however, what I saw in CW's face until that knockout blow was prayer. I didnt see a bit of confidence in him in round 2 until AS had already hit the ground. Point here being, CW KNEW his only shot at winning in any decisive manner was to take Anderson to the ground and wail on him or submit him. Yet, he placed himself, in round two, right where AS wanted him, he went deer in the headlights and fell into the stand and trade mindset AS wanted him in. Silva's striking is so over and above Weidman's that it is not even funny, and Weidman and everyone else knows this....yet, after getting easily stuffed, Weidman fell right into a striking match with someone he couldn't strike with....outside of the ever present Puncher's chance that everyone has.

When Chael fought Anderson the first time, he dominated because he legitimately had ZERO fear of Anderson and he brought it. Weidman tried this in the first and fell out of it quickly once Anderson started bitching him. In other words, he can talk all he wants...but Weidman was scared (legitimately so). Had Anderson not clowned himself into that knockout, I believe with everything in me the Anderson would have dropped him within a minute. He was definitely looking for it. And I believe CW knew this as well. Had Anderson nor LITERALLY stuck his chin out for 30 seconds and said "hit me", I think we would have seen Weidman pull a Lesnar and run and collapse as soon as an AS power shot clipped him.

In other words, I personally believe Weidman is scared of losing and scared of someone putting fists all up in his face.

That being what it is, I see Weidman being revealed for the over hyped good, but not great fighter he is...and I see it happening quickly.

If Vitor gets the next shot, Vitor isn't gonna clown him. He is gonna rush with bombs and, if Weidman gets the take down, Vitor is very capable of making him pay there as well. If Weidman does somehow beat Vitor, he has other obstacles, like a fresh Mark Munoz, who will also put some crazy bombs on him and is someone that will take any punch you throw at him and still keep.coming. Also, Machida, if he drops to middleweight, would almost certainly have his way with Weidman due to his excellent takedown defense, power and precision of his punches.

All in all, I feel that, while Weidman is good, i think he is gonna show a lack of heart, ala Brock, as soon as someone he KNOWS is better is standing across from him and putting leather in his face. I honestly feel that we are gonna see a Weidman fall of epic proportions before he gets past his third title defense.

Or, he could adopt the GSP plan of grease and hold them down for five rounds dry humping them because judges scores in relation to lay and pray are ridiculous.

Of course, I could be wrong. But I think Weidman's heart will betray him soon.
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