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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
idiots will be idiots... read that article i posted up above a little bit though, apparently there's an investigation underway over a 1million dollar bet placed on Weidman.
Yeah i saw it. That is pretty interesting but im really curious in seeing who made that bet. If its someone like mayweather then i would not be all that surprised. Weidman on paper looks like a good opponent for Silva and the UFC has hyped him up pretty good on promos so it does not surprise me if some rich guy who wipes his ass with hundred dollar bills thought that does odds were too good to pass up. Which im guessing is the case..... or i guess its possible that Anderson has someone make that bet for him because he wanted to throw the fight and make bank. But then 1mil seems a bit low seeing as how he probably makes a few mil each fight especially on a win. I think i read somewhere that GSP makes like 5-6mil per fight or something?? (Not sure if thats the correct number) so im not surprised if Silva makes 1-3mil. So what would his return on a 1mil bet be?? like 2-3mil?? I dont know what the odds were but im guessing pretty far on Silvas side.

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