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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
GW2 was a total bust. Swtor was an even bigger bust.

GW2 had better graphics sure. But that was it. The questing is even more repetitive than WoW with the need to repeat the same events over and over. And when you finally do cap, you find out the the end game is horrid.

Swtor was a humongous bust. It's "dynamic questing" was generic MMO grinding with voice acting.

The proof is already there. WoW is the only game that has sustained the amount of subs it has had for this long. Sure it. Is slowly dwindling, but the amount of people that play it over GW2 is pretty large.

Like it or not, WoW shaped the MMO landscape. That's why when an MMO launches, it is immediately compared to WoW. It's end game is FAR superior to any MMO on the market.
All MMO's are bust when you compare them to WOW. WOW, should have a good end game after being about for so long, end games tend to be added as the games mature.

People who play MMO's tend to show bias towards the game they are playing, I've only played AOC for any length of time, and since I've tried several I can give this point of view from neutral perspective. Rift, SWTOR and GW2 are all better games than WOW.

I'm not sure how you come to conclusion that questing is more boring on GW2 than WOW, I thought it was a 1000 times better.

WOW is old, it has a old combat system, old graphics system, old questing system.

WoW, did shape the MMO landscape and you're right about all MMO's being compared to it at launch. But they don't compare graphics or gameplay, they compare numbers and potential. They may not ever be another MMO that can get 10,000,000 active subs per month again, these days 1,000,000 is considered good.

Look at it another way. If WoW never existed 8 years ago and was just released with the current gen of MMO's it would get laughed out of the market.

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