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Opinions on different game genres?

What is your opinion on different game genres? Your favorites, least favorites, opinions in the direction that certain genres are going, etc.

RPG games are my favorite genre, both JRPG and WRPG. I like most genre of game to some degree, but IMO nothing can beat a 60 hour long quality RPG.

The other genre that heavily captures my interest is horror. It's sad that survival horror games are not as present as they once were and most that are present are more action based. I still love them, though, and a few great games came out of this genre this gen.

My least favorite is sport games and racers. I honestly have no interest in the vast majority of sport games, they are just boring to me and it is the same with racing games. In fact there are only 3 games I like out of these genres - bass fishing games, Twisted Metal and Mario Kart.

I'd also say FPS is very stale right now and I miss the way it once was. I really dislike modern military shooters and most of the FPS games that release are just...boring. There are a few exceptions like Singularity/Far Cry 3, but they are rare.

This is basically what I hate about the path FPS games are going to in a nutshell:

Anywho, what are your guys opinion on different genres and where they are going?
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